My love….

Hearts yearns what it will 
No amount of words can compensate
It will defy what there is 
and no human touch 
can ever discern 
Distance may hinder 
but the heart shall never cease 
only with the union of two hearts 
will the ever pending feast shall exist


PING BACK: Pranabaxom I’ve finally tried making poetry without so much constrictions.  Thanks for the inspiration.  Happy heart’s day my friend 🙂


Sharing is caring ~ Series 1

Since it is February and it is definitely the LOVE month, I would like to share these different posts that talks about different kinds of love. For love cannot only mean your love for your partner, husband, wife, family.  I can also mean love for our furry and feline lovees love that can be taught to further the line of love and life altogetherand our strong love for those who we treasure, deeply love & protect.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.  🙂

Closer today than yesterday

As I lay on my bed 

I glanced up at our photo atop my drawer

I suddenly remembered the last time we were together 

I remember vividly for I’ve always regretted 

leaving you there, thought I should’ve known better 

As much as it pains me then 

I know what I needed to do

& deep in my heart I know you know it too

But now, all the consolation that I have 

is knowing now that you are free

free from all the pain in this world

healthy, happy & full of glee

I miss you everyday 

I know you hear me say 

But I’ve learned to be happy

for today, I am closer to being with you

now than yesterday


This is in memory of my sister who passed away last year due to lung CA.

I can do it!!

Before we set out into the world, we have endured countless hours of studying and making ourselves masters if not at least knowledgeable on certain areas in life.  This is for us to be prepared in what we call the “adult life”.  Because once we set out into the world and leave our nests there’s no turning back.  I for one was a Communications Major in College, but as I go through my life, there are times that just doesn’t give you that much choice.  So its either you wing back or get hit by the bat, right?  Well, I always choose to swing back.  I feel that though the circumstance that I’m or I was in was not really something that I would be glad to get into, but the thing is you have to deal with it.

So yeah, I was a Communications Major, then I got my first job in Call Center (yes, Philippines is swarming with BPO or Call Center companies).  I was really happy there and yeah I was able to put my education into good use, communicating 🙂 But the thing is, since most of the clients are overseas, we have to work at night.  And there came a time where in I became more prone to sickness because of it.  So I decided that I should just get a regular job, like in Philippines time.  One day, one of my friends asked if I can accompany her to her job hunting.  Little did I know that she was applying for a bank and that she asked me if I wanted to apply too.  At first, I was like “I’m not into banking and finance.  I am a Communications Major”.  And the only time I spent time doing math in school is during Math subjects which isn’t one of my major ones.  So basically, I know how to count, add, subtract, ,multiply and add, but that’s it.  She then told me “trying won’t hurt you know”.  And so I did.  I landed the job, I learned a lot from it.  And at this point, though I’m no longer in that industry, I can definitely say “I did try and made it!”.  So you see, you can accomplish anything in life as long as you believe that you can.  Whatever life hits you with as long as you stay positive and happy you can definitely achieve what you came there to do.

I guess, all I’m saying is, whatever opportunity that’ll come your way even if it isn’t what you have been trained to do or have been doing for the longest time as long as you are open to learning new things and have faith in yourself you will always be good at it.  Who knows, that change may even be the door that leads you to a better life 🙂

For a son I didn’t have….

Dream as high as the sky 

work as low as the ground

Dirt may be in every hilt and corner 

But so is your dream in the cloud 

Everyone started at something 

No one began as a winner

For every task that is meant to bring good fortune

There is always a toil that you need to discover

You have the power since you breathed in this air 

Don’t let anything stop you

As it would be unfair 

For every every ending there is a beginning 

and this would be it for you

For if you will not start now 

It may have long been overdue

❤ ❤ ❤

This is for my nephew who turned 20 today.  Happiest birthday!

The gift of time

You thought you have one more day 

but you don’t 

You thought you have more time 

but you don’t 

You thought you can get 

another glimpse, a smile, a touch 

but that’s all in the past 

All you can ever do now 

is bow down & pray that memories will last 

When the going gets tough..

Lately its been a tad difficult for my life’s puzzle bits and pieces to fit together. If its just me you know I wouldn’t mind but the thing is I have people who depend on me and I just can’t afford to lose it.  I tried to calm myself down and not worry.  By this time, I told myself, you should know that whatever happens God will always give you what you need.  And yeah, I should know better.  So to keep myself from thinking too much I started out on this little project for my work room.  Actually this started last December.  There was one day that I got so mad that I cried.  I don’t like that feeling, I don’t like it at all.  I feel like my life is sucked right out of me whenever I do, so I always try not to feel that way.  But you know sometimes its just inevitable.  So during that day I prayed really hard.  I asked God to take away the anger I’m feeling, I don’t want it.  And then an idea hit me, why don’t I keep myself busy so my mind’s off those things that just upsets me.

That’s when my mini-renov project came to existence.  At first, I said, I just wanted to paint my walls white so the room will have better lighting.

So it did!  Then I was looking into the boxes I have in storage and found all my diplomas from Kinder to College.  I was like, this has been here for 6 years now (I moved in this house 6 years a go with my mom, niece and nephew) maybe its about time to let it out and hang on the wall.  But I don’t want it to just be on the wall.  I want something with it to represent the diplomas I have.  I thought of how I got them, the sacrifices my parents did so I get a good education, all my hardwork to make sure that those sacrifices won’t go to waste.  So I thought of a tree, the diplomas symbolizes the fruits of mine and my parent’s labor.


And the idea just keep on flowing.  And its good I love it, it keeps me calm in this not so great situation I’m in.  I thought of making a mini library, like a DIY one.  I still haven’t gone through it but I was able to paint on the other wall where my Our Lady of Manaog is hanging.  I want to paint flowers for her but I’m not that good of an artist.  So what I lack in talent I make up in skills and thinking 🙂 Since the design that I wanted requires me to paint a straight line (I’ve been struggling on coloring, lines and all since I was in Kinder.  To think I would have been better by now, sadly no 😉 ) I just used tape as a guide for the lines, painted it and added the circles to make it look like some sort of a flower 🙂

Now that I’m done with the walls, the next would be the shelves for my library and the paintings that I want to hang on the other side 🙂 But that just got to wait for I have work in a bit.  Though tired, I got so busy that I kept my worries at bay for now.  Well, as they say “tomorrow is another day”.  But today, I felt good and accomplished, thank God ❤



Sharing is caring ;)

Our class in blogging ended, but the friendship and inspiration I gained from that never will.

At first, I thought that since I don’t really know what to do or how to do things in the blogging world that a class would really do me good.  It did, like a lot.  I have learned to build my site, customize and yes, I was even able to link links to it and learned how to ping back 🙂 It maybe simple to some but for a tech challenged like me its really a big deal.  I also gained followers and source of inspiration.  I have learned that there is a gazillion ways to express yourself through writing, and I have my fellow bloggers to thank for that.  I have also learned that blogging is not just a one way street just like in real life.  You share a part of you in your work as much as others share a part of them in theirs.  And then it hit me, why don’t I share that to the world, well at least to my Facebook and twitter followers.  I know for a fact that I will not be the only one that needs inspiration in one way or another.  And reading others work is like to going to a real cool bazaar and getting your hands on a really really great find.  And so I have started sharing the blogs that I find very inspiring in my page.  And I have great hopes that others will be touched the way I was in reading the articles that I have shared.  There’s like a hundred more, I may not be able to share them all at once but I will definitely find time to.

This has been a really great experience, and by sharing the blogs of others will somehow give the others a chance to see things through somebody else’s eyes.  I hope we will all continue to spread the love, knowledge and inspiration.  Who knows who else these blogs will inspire in the coming days, right? 🙂 So if you have something that you particularly want to share just include the link in your comments and I will get to them 🙂 You can also go to my Facebook Page and see what has been shared.  You can comment there too ❤


Reasons why people don’t want to venture into Insurance Sales

Financial Services or Insurance Industry is one of the thriving industries these days.  With a staggering income of trillions each year and 6, 118 Insurance Companies registered in 2014 alone.  With those numbers you’d think that its a very much stable company to join or to be a part of.  But why are people hesitant to be a part of these companies?

As a recruiter who sources for an Insurance firm, I often hear people say “It’s not for me”, “I’m not into sales”, I don’t do door to door”.  It is but obvious that they don’t want to venture in the sales industry for they may be unsure of how they can go about it.  But in every line of work there will always be trainings to ensure that you are equipped with the skill to garner success, right?  I’ve researched and found out these “myths” surrounding the Insurance Industry.


1.  “They make you bug your neighbors and family to buy Insurance”  article-2.jpg

To start in any selling field, of course you have to have your own “market”.  And chances are high when it comes to selling to people who knows you and believes that you will not do anything to severe that relationship because of a “tricky” investment.  This will also help you save money as oppose to buying leads.  Which we all know, isn’t exactly the best option to go when we’re talking about something important as an investment to your future.

2.  “They will just hire you and feed you to the wolves.”


Well, in this scenario I must say that this is happening not only in the Financial Services or Insurance Industry.  That is why it is always wise to check the background of the company that hires you or you are applying for.  When I say “do a background check” I didn’t mean like actually hire someone to snoop around for you.  “Do a background check” means to at least Google the company and see what others have to say about them.  In that way, you will have an idea on what you’re getting yourself into.  Don’t judge too quickly, that’s all!

3.  ” The manager was no help at all!”

This will probably get a lot of nods from y’all who has worked at some point in their lives in an Insurance Company.  But you see, just like everything else, not all managers are like that.  We cannot generalize an idea of an opinion based on assumptions on a notion that all managers do is tell you what to do or worst expect great things from you without giving you anything.

4.  “Getting a client sign up is like a hurdle in a race that you have to go through”

Of course, just like in everything in our lives that we want, we have to work for it.  But surely, that hard work will pay off.  In life, either we get what we want or we learn from it and be able to do it better.  You will not remain where you are forever as long as you continue to better yourself.

5.  “Its not a very glamorous job, plus everyone hates an Insurance agent”


People have a general perception that Insurance agents are horrible human beings, that is true.  BUT, yes there is a very big BUT there.  But, for those who was helped tremendously by these Insurance agents most people hate, they are heaven sent.  Imagine having to deal with legalities and monetary concerns in an emergency.  These people are there to assist you sort out things while you get a grip of what’s happening as they happen.


There maybe a lot of negative things, but the bottom line is you have to know for sure what you’re getting yourself into and know that whether you’re new at it or not you can definitely rock it! So if you’re thinking of switching careers but don’t know exactly where to go just message me and I will introduce you to one of the best managers I know who can make it happen and will lead you to success!

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