Reasons why people don’t want to venture into Insurance Sales

Financial Services or Insurance Industry is one of the thriving industries these days.  With a staggering income of trillions each year and 6, 118 Insurance Companies registered in 2014 alone.  With those numbers you’d think that its a very much stable company to join or to be a part of.  But why are people hesitant to be a part of these companies?

As a recruiter who sources for an Insurance firm, I often hear people say “It’s not for me”, “I’m not into sales”, I don’t do door to door”.  It is but obvious that they don’t want to venture in the sales industry for they may be unsure of how they can go about it.  But in every line of work there will always be trainings to ensure that you are equipped with the skill to garner success, right?  I’ve researched and found out these “myths” surrounding the Insurance Industry.


1.  “They make you bug your neighbors and family to buy Insurance”  article-2.jpg

To start in any selling field, of course you have to have your own “market”.  And chances are high when it comes to selling to people who knows you and believes that you will not do anything to severe that relationship because of a “tricky” investment.  This will also help you save money as oppose to buying leads.  Which we all know, isn’t exactly the best option to go when we’re talking about something important as an investment to your future.

2.  “They will just hire you and feed you to the wolves.”


Well, in this scenario I must say that this is happening not only in the Financial Services or Insurance Industry.  That is why it is always wise to check the background of the company that hires you or you are applying for.  When I say “do a background check” I didn’t mean like actually hire someone to snoop around for you.  “Do a background check” means to at least Google the company and see what others have to say about them.  In that way, you will have an idea on what you’re getting yourself into.  Don’t judge too quickly, that’s all!

3.  ” The manager was no help at all!”

This will probably get a lot of nods from y’all who has worked at some point in their lives in an Insurance Company.  But you see, just like everything else, not all managers are like that.  We cannot generalize an idea of an opinion based on assumptions on a notion that all managers do is tell you what to do or worst expect great things from you without giving you anything.

4.  “Getting a client sign up is like a hurdle in a race that you have to go through”

Of course, just like in everything in our lives that we want, we have to work for it.  But surely, that hard work will pay off.  In life, either we get what we want or we learn from it and be able to do it better.  You will not remain where you are forever as long as you continue to better yourself.

5.  “Its not a very glamorous job, plus everyone hates an Insurance agent”


People have a general perception that Insurance agents are horrible human beings, that is true.  BUT, yes there is a very big BUT there.  But, for those who was helped tremendously by these Insurance agents most people hate, they are heaven sent.  Imagine having to deal with legalities and monetary concerns in an emergency.  These people are there to assist you sort out things while you get a grip of what’s happening as they happen.


There maybe a lot of negative things, but the bottom line is you have to know for sure what you’re getting yourself into and know that whether you’re new at it or not you can definitely rock it! So if you’re thinking of switching careers but don’t know exactly where to go just message me and I will introduce you to one of the best managers I know who can make it happen and will lead you to success!


3 thoughts on “Reasons why people don’t want to venture into Insurance Sales

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  1. The real reason SHOULD BE that regulations are so tight these days that selling insurance is now a liability and a risk for the selling agent. I’d rather sell used cars or anything where there are no such problems.

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    1. Probably for some companies, but there are also regulated Insurance Companies that ensure that their agents or advisors are not at risk or in any obligation. But in any case, an opportunity is still an opportunity, right? 🙂

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    2. And thank you for your honest opinion, that definitely helped me outline what is important to those who seek employment, especially for those who are in the Financial Services Industry 🙂

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