Music is freedom and peace.

I don’t how it is for some, but I usually listen to music before starting with work. That is what I call my “me time”. All through out the day, I do things for everyone else. I work hard for my family, I do sourcing and administrative tasks for clients and finally, I teach English online as well. But when I listen to music, even just for a little while I am free, its just me and my sober thoughts. Suddenly, everything seems so clear, peaceful and calm. It helps me relax, be at peace with myself amidst the chaos and noise of the world I live in. It somehow muffles the sound of the never ending pain of struggling to live. With music, I am alive, I am free. I guess I have to thank my dad for sharing the love of music with me. I remember how my mom would say that when she was pregnant with me, my dad was the one who went thru “paglilihi”. They would usually go to music lounges and just enjoy the music all night. You know what they say about influences while the baby is still in their mother’s womb right? So, needless to say, even before all the parts of my body was complete I am already at awe at how beautiful music is. I guess all I’m trying to say is Music is my comfort zone, my zen, my “go to” when I get stuck, an intangible source if relief when things are anything but okay.


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